ACT! File Permissions

If you would like to limit access to certain files, such as Screen Layout (.CLY) files, here are the steps, using Windows 2000.

Select the ACT Layout folder, then the file to limit access to, for example Contact1.cly

1actfolder.jpg (169884 bytes)

Right click and select Properties

2clyproperties.jpg (164043 bytes)

You will see the following dialog appear

3properties.jpg (60690 bytes)

Select the Security tab

4security.jpg (52073 bytes)

Select the Add... button

5usersgroup.jpg (93773 bytes)

Select the Add button to add the user you want to have access
for example, the ACT Admin user

5a-usersgroup.jpg (94741 bytes)

Select Allow for the Permissions

6actadminallow.jpg (54996 bytes)

For Everyone else, select the Deny permissions

7everyonedeny.jpg (55693 bytes)

Then if anyone not allowed access will see a message
when trying to activate this file

accessdenied.jpg (5587 bytes)