Field Duplication on Screen Layout

Jammie Smith and AMB: Is it possible to show the same field more than once in a custom layout?  YES!

Yes it is possible to have a field more than once on a layout,
But it takes manual editing of the CLY file. It is a delicate
operation that could result in a corrupted CLY, so it is
best and quickly done by an experienced professional.

Here are a few screenshots showing this is possible 2, 3, 4, or even 100 times.
All the fields update at the same time, when you save,
because they are in reality the same underlying unified field.

click to zoom in to see more details

Home Phone field in top half and Personal Info tab

Edit Date field in top half and Contact Access tab

User 1 field in User Fields tab and top half 3 more times!

City and State field in the PPP tab,
plus the top half.   (Customization in progress)

City and State are also on the Claim tab
plus the top half

We can adjust your screen layout files  to do this
It works for Contacts, Companies, Groups, and Opportunity layouts.
We can do duplicate up to 10 fields per hour at $60/hour.