Using Initial Caps to fix Popups

Problem: The cities (or other popup) are in all caps

wpe1.jpg (44678 bytes)

Select Export... to create CITY.TXT

wpe2.jpg (10098 bytes)

Go in to FoxPro

From the Command Window, enter the following commands
to create a TEMP.DBF file with one field called Line,
then import the CITY.TXT file into this field

create table Temp (Line c(50))
append from C:\ACT\Database\City.Txt delimited

wpe3.jpg (64884 bytes)

Enter the following commands
to conver the cities to initial caps or "proper" case
then create CITY2.TXT, and quit from FoxPro

replace all Line with proper(Line)
copy to C:\ACT\Database\City2.Txt delimited

wpe4.jpg (63930 bytes)

In ACT!, use shift+click to select all the cities
then Delete to remove them all

wpe5.jpg (44998 bytes)

Then Select Import... and choose CITY2.TXT

wpe6.jpg (43552 bytes)

Now the City popup items are all in Proper case

wpe7.jpg (43985 bytes)

ACT! users can now select from the proper list

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