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We can convert from ACT!, Goldmine, Maximizer, SalesLogix, etc. into SugarCRM.

Or, perhaps you want to convert all tables from to one of the above mentioned contact managers. .

We can help with this as well, using our technology. is a great way to have your contact management information with you at all times, anywhere, from any browser.

We can help you set up for your organization from scratch, or convert the data from your present system.


SugarCRM Tips

helpful suggestions and techniques to make it easier work with SugarCRM.



SugarCRM Training



Advanced classes

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How to optimize your use of SugarCRM

Check your Calendar from anywhere.

Send emails

Print letters

SugarCRM Integration

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How to print mailing labels - for Christmas and other mass mailings


Setting up Web to Lead integration

We can help you get set up so that anyone who fills out your web form with his name and address information automatically shows up in your SugarCRM Leads list. 

They do all the typing!


The best contact manager for the mobile executive, representative or consultant Certified Service Partners provide invaluable services to configure for your business including:
Data Migration
Business Process Review
Application Customization
End User & Administrator Training
We can bring your SugarCRM data into Microsoft Access, DBF, or XLS format
so you can back up, manipulate, and analyze your data
Find out how Service Partners can address your specific needs and give you a higher return on your investment.

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