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Using Microsoft FoxPro with SharkWare

SharkFox - Displays all the SharkWare tables, and their relationships in windows to browse and edit

See all the tables at a glance

Learn about how SharkWare works and the relationships between its tables

Make editing changes and correct problems (be careful)

Import data from other contact managers into SharkWare

 Contact - names, phone numbers, user defined fields

 Address - street, city, state, zip


 Event - calls, meetings, and to-do's
 Notes - notes

 HistData - Cleared activities, Attachments and Notes

 List - categories of contacts

 Phone - phones, emails, web sites

SharkFox.prg with Microsoft FoxPro, preferably Visual FoxPro.  

1. Get to the Command Window

2. CD or SET DEFAULT TO you Shark Database folder

3. DO SharkFox

Using Microsoft FoxPro with SharkWare

Microsoft FoxPro is an important tool for any SharkWare Certified Consultant or database administrator.  It allows him to make changes directly and quickly to the database in ways that SharkWare cannot.  It should be used with care, experience, and training.   The following articles are examples of how FoxPro can be used.

SharkWare is a trademark of Maximizer Corporation
FoxPro is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation


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