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Email: Oksana@CICorp.com  

Web site at www.Oksana.org 

Office Manager, Web Designer, and Instructor

Oksana is from St. Petersburg, Russia, where she achieved a bachelor's degree in clothing and fashion design.

She is now a Master of Business Administration student studying marketing and business software applications used in America.  She has attended Maharishi University of Management MUM.edu for a degree in Graphic Arts.

She is currently a Doctoral candidate in Education, on a full scholarship,
working towards her Ed.D. degree from Argosy.edu in Washington, DC.

Oksana is an Instructor of Graphic Design on the Faculty at the Art Institute of Washington

Oksana is also a student at the Corcoran College of Art & Design.
See Samples 1, Samples 2

She has worked at the Christian Bernard jewelry store in fashionable Georgetown

Oksana has achieved her Introductory Course Completion Certificate
in ACT! and Goldmine from C I Corporation.
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Oksana has completed intensive Computer Graphics and Web Page Design courses.

IBM Award presented to Oksana Shaddock for work on
U.S. Customs and Immigration Service project

She has been a professional painter, jewelry designer, clothing designer, musician, and model.

Fairfield, Iowa

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Washington, DC

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Russian Music
Russian National Anthem
Former Russian Anthem - 1991-2000
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From Russia With Love.mp3
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Songs by Kristina Orbakaite and Valeriya
VALERIYA - Small airplane - Маленький самолет