Consolidate Duplicate Payees

Sometimes Netledger makes duplicates of Payees.  This can be a result of importing QIF files from banks.  You can consolidate them back in to one Payee.

1. Look up the vendor, for example Verizon

2. Select the Duplicate, for example VERIZON WIRELESS Bill Payment should be Verizon 202-329-1090

3. Click on Edit to the left of the duplicate

Select the Transactions tab, and note the two checks

4. Select Check, for example for the 212.00 amount

We want to change the Payee from VERIZONWIRELESS. 

Change it to "Verizon", then select the list box to the right of the text box

5.  A popup list appears.  Selectx Verizon 202-329-1090.  This works better than simply typing it in, for some reason.


6. Then click on Save and you see the corrected Payee

7. Checking the Results.  Then go back to Home

For VERIZONWIRELESS Bill Payment, now there is only one check left to move

For Verizon 202-329-1090, now the check for 212.00 appears under its transactions.