Get off the Cloud - slow - data owned by someone else
Make your business fast and well grounded
with your own data secure on your own fast computers

NetSuite Fox - showing you all the tables at a glance

Complete NetSuite data export into a MySQL relational backup database
as well as CSV files. Data Included: All NetSuite account data including:

and all other accessible NetSuite ERP and CRM records.

Messages, user notes and attachments included.

File cabinet to be downloaded by the customer separately. Both active and
inactive data included. Data Types Includes: Custom fields, custom entity
fields, custom transaction fields, custom item fields and any custom
records. Sublists and relationships included. System notes, memorized
transactions and any inaccessible data will not be exported.

Data Export Process:
1. Export setup, schema mapping, and implementation and server configuration.

2. Full data extraction.

3. Export Delivery. - NetSuite data export will be delivered in form of a secure downloadable file via email.

Two download links will be included

A) MySQL dump file

B) CSV files.

Required from customer:
A) NetSuite Administrator access.
B) 50% job deposit.
Delivery ETA: Within 10 business days.

Recommendations from customers

"My company was on NetSuite for over 10 years, and it was a disaster.  My staff and I got into bad habits.  Any web based interface is slow slow, no one wanted to use it.  We did not reconcile our checkbook for 10 years, and sometimes bounced checks due to guessing our bank balance.  We need software that reacts as quickly as we think.  The web is slow and tedious. We love having our data local again, quick, and secure."

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