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Base,1U,PowerEdge 1650, 1.13G,2P,TUA
Information,Refurbished- Equipment
Module,Bezel,PowerEdge 1650
Module,Compact Disk Drive,650MI,INT,NN,24X,Samsung
Module,Cord,Power,120V,10ft, PowerEdge 1650
Module,Card,Controller,ROMB, PowerEdge 1650
512MB RAM,2DIMMs,Factory Install with 2 x 256 MB
Module,Document,PowerEdge 1650English
Module,Documentation, Software,PERC3DI, PowerEdge 1650, ENG
Module,Floppy Drive,1.44,F3, Third Height,Bezel
Hard Drive, 36GB, SCSI, 10K RPM, Factory Install
Hard Drive, 36GB, SCSI, 10K RPM, Factory Install
Module,Information,C3,MR1, PowerEdge 1650
Module,Kit,Compact Diskette, DOM
Module,No Mouse
Module,Processor,1.13GHz,512K,Touch-Up,PowerEdge 1650
Module,PWA,Backplane,1X3, PowerEdge 1650
Module,Printed Wiring AssemblyRiser,PCI,2X64/66, PowerEdge 1650
Module,Power Supply,Redundant,1U,PowerEdge 1650
Module,Rail,Rack,Versa-Rail, PowerEdge 1650,World Wide
Module Mechanical,Chassis, AC-Power Supply,Option, PowerEdge 1650
Type 3 Contract - Next Business Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response, Initial Year
Type 3 Contract - Next Business Day Parts and Labor On-Site Response, 2YR Extended
Sub-Total $2,149.00
Shipping $105.00
Tax $129.60
Total Price $2,383.60


Dual 1.4GHZ w/512K


2) 36GB Drives, 15K

Diskette Drive


Dual integrated Intel PRO/1000 XT

1) 275W Power Supplies

Unit is cleaned and tested

Payment method:
Payment terms: Checks, Money Order PayPal I expect to receive payment within 3 days after the closing of the auction. Cashier's checks, money orders accepted. Credit card accepted through PayPal. Personal or business checks accepted - must wait to clear. Winning bid must make contact within 48 hours of close of auction with name and mailing address and contact phone number. All emails must include the auction name and ebay auction number in subject field for prompt response.

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Other Information:
Important! A 5-Day NO-DOA WARRANTY is provided, and is repair, replace, or credit at our sole discretion. In the event of a credit, shipping fees are non-refundable. All warranty issues outside the 5-Day DOA period will be handled by contacting DELL directly.

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Dell PowerEdge 1650
Dual 1400 Mhz CPU's, 2 X 36 gig 10K, 1 Gig, Brand new with Factory warranty

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BRAND NEW IN BOX -- 1U Dell PowerEdge 1650 -- NEVER USED

Brand New, 1U Server!!! Bought for a small business that folded shortly after purchase. Still boxed, never used, all documentation included, still under warranty. Priced on the "Dell Small Business" site for $2496 each before tax and shipping (as of 4/11/2003). Click here to access Dell, upgrade the processor to the 1.4 GHz to verify.

Service Tag: 9ZGQX11
Service Codes: 21735486901
  • 512MB SDRAM,133MHZ,4X128 DIMMS
  • PCI RISER,2X64/66,PE1650
  • Two (2) 36GB,U160,SCSI,1IN 10K Hard disks

  • 1.67" (4.24cm) H x 17.6" (44.70cm) W x 27.0" (68.58cm) D
  • 1U rack height

    Drive Bays
  • Bays for three 1" hot-plug SCSI drives or two 1" non hot-plug IDE drives

    Expansion Slots
  • 2 x 64-bit/66MHz PCI slots on same PCI bus OR 1 x 64-bit/66MHz and 1 x 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot on separate PCI buses

  • Shipping
    Winner pays shipping.
    Paypal or certified check.


    CPU:   PowerEdge 600SC Intel« Pentium« 3  1.13 GHz/512K
    Memory:   1GB ECC memory
    Keyboard:   Standard Windows Keyboard, Gray
    First Hard Drives:   One 36GB Ultra (Ultra 320) SCSI  Hard Drive
    Second Hard Drives:   One 36GB Ultra (Ultra 320) SCSI Hard Drive
    Diskette Drive:   1.44MB Diskette Drive
    Operating System:   No Operating System
    Mouse:   Dell Mouse, Black
    First Network Adapter:   Dual Onboard NIC
    HD Configuration   On-Board SCSI, 1 to 3 drives connected to on-board SCSI
    HD Backplane   3 Bay (1x3) Hot Plug SCSI Hard Drive Backplane
    BEzel   Active Bezel Option for Dell PowerEdge 1650 
    Documentation   Users Manual,Installation and Trouble Shooting Guide on CD
    Hardware Support Services:   3Yr BRONZE Support, Next Business Day Onsite


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    Tech Specs

    Up to 2 Intel«  Pentium«  III processors at 1.13GHz, 1.26GHz and 1.4GHz
    133MHz front side bus that allows for faster data throughput compared to 100MHz front side bus speeds
    32KB L1 cache (16KB instruction cache and 16KB two-way write-back data cache)
    512KB L2 cache
    ServerWorks HE-SL Chipset
    Utilises memory interleaving for faster memory access
    Triple peer PCI bus architecture including support for 2 x 64-bit/66MHz PCI slots and dual embedded Gigabit NICs for exceptional I/O throughput




    256MB - 4GB 133MHz SDRAM memory with Error-Correcting Code (ECC) technology that includes special circuitry for testing the accuracy of data as it passes through memory
    4 DIMM sockets on system board



    Hard Drives:
    18GB,1 36GB, 73GB (10,000 rpm) and 18GB, 36GB (15,000 rpm) Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI Hard Drives, or 20GB, 40GB (7200 rpm) IDE hard drives

    SCSI Controllers:

    Dual-channel integrated Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI Adaptec«    AIC-7899 (160Mb/s) controller provides one of the latest high performance SCSI technologies available without taking up PCI slots
    Optional Adaptec Ultra3 (Ultra160) SCSI 39160 card for external tape backup (TBU) support

    RAID Controllers:

    Optional, embedded PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller, Version 3, Dual-Channel Integrated (PERC 3/Di) with battery-backed cache (internal channels only). PERC 3/Di on the PowerEdge 1650 is implemented via a daughter card that does not consume a PCI slot.
    Optional, PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller, Version 3, Dual-Channel (PERC 3/DC)

    External Storage:

    Optional PowerVaultTM  2xxS SCSI external storage system
    Optional PowerVault 660F, 224F, 650F, and 630F fibre channel RAID system
    Optional Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (Optical or Copper)
    Optional Dell | EMC SAN support with 5300, 4500, and 4700

    Tape Backup:

    PowerVault 120T DLT1 External AutoLoader, PowerVault 128T, PowerVault 122T, and PowerVault 136T.


    I/O Channels  

    7 Total: 2 PCI Slots (64bit/66MHz), dual channel embedded Ultra3 SCSI/RAID Controller (64bit/66MHz), dual embedded 10/100/1000 NIC (64bit/66MHz) and legacy port (32bit/33MHz)


    Expansion Slots  

    2 x 64-bit/66MHz PCI slots on same PCI bus OR 1 x 64-bit/66MHz and 1 x 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot on separate PCI buses


    Drive Bays  

    Hard Drive Bays for 3 X 1" hot-plug SCSI drives OR 2 x 1" non hot-plug IDE drives
    Media Bay for one 24X EIDE CD-ROM or 8X IDE DVD ROM and one 3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive



    Integrated VGA-compatible, ATI-Rage XL controller



    Dual integrated Intel PRO/1000 XT keep PCI slots open while the load balancing and failover support help ensure server availability
    Broadcom NeteXtreme Gigabit NIC (copper)
    Intel PRO/1000 XT (copper)
    Intel PRO/1000 F (optical)
    Intel PRO/100+ Dual Port
    Intel PRO/100 S


    Input Devices  

    Windows SpaceSaver 101-key keyboard
    Windows Performance 101-key keyboard
    Dell PS/2-style mouse



    1 9-pin serial, 2 Universal Serial Bus, Video, PS/2 mouse, PS/2 keyboard, 2 RJ45, 1 server management port; Front: 1 Universal Serial Bus (USB), combined PS/2 keyboard/mouse, video



    ECC memory
    Dual embedded NICs with failover and load balancing support
    Hot-plug hard drives
    Optional hot-pluggable redundant power supplies
    Dual channel embedded Ultra3 RAID with battery-backed cache
    Hot-plug redundant Cooling



    Optional, hot plug, redundant 275 Watts power supplies
    110/220 Volts



    Rack-Mountable 1U Chassis: 1.67" (4.24cm) H x 17.6" (44.70cm) W x 27.0" (68.58cm) D
    1U rack height
    Weight 35 lb. (15.88 kg) max



    Console Redirection
    Remote management support, including dead server management via DRAC III
    Fault monitoring of voltage, fan, and thermal conditions to help ensure notification in case of potential problems
    Management of drive array under optional PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controller
    Tracks memory errors that have been corrected by the ECC memory
    Automatic Server Recovery will reboot and restart the server if the OS hangs without user intervention
    User-definable OS thresholds can be set, allowing administrators to tune systems and eliminate bottlenecks to performance
    PXE support of embedded NICs


    Environmental and Regulatory

    Operating Temperature: 10║ C to 35║ C (50║ F to 95║ F)
    Storage Temperature: -40║ C to 65║ C (-40║ F to 149║ F)
    Operating Relative Humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)
    Storage Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
    Operating Vibration: 0.25G at 3Hz to 200Hz for 15 minutes
    Storage Vibration: 0.5G at 3Hz to 200Hz for 15 minutes
    Operating Shock: 6 shock pulses of 41G for up to 2ms
    Storage Shock: 6 shock pulses of 71G for up to 2ms
    Operating Altitude: -16m to 3,048m (-50 ft to 10,000 ft)
    Storage Altitude: -16m to 10,600m (-50 ft to 35,000 ft)



    FCC (U.S. only) Class A
    DOC (Canada) Class A
    CE Mark (EN 55022 Class A, EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN60950)
    VCCI Class A
    UL 1950
    CSA 950
    EN 60950



    T e r m s & C o n d i t i o n 


    You will receive a winning email notification within 24 hours of auction closing. High bidder must respond within 48 hours by emailing me mailing address and form of payment. Usually, I will ship item in the same day or 1-2 business day later. Occasionally, there are 3 business day .Thanks for your cooperation.  


    Buyer pays fixed $69 shipping, packaging+5insurance cost through UPS(tracking method will be provided).  Sorry no international bidding!


    Payment Options:
    • Paypal - c2it.com - Money Order - bidpay.com--payingfast.com-  cashier check
    • Payment must be received within 7 days of close of auction.

    • If you Pay by paypal with credit card, you  must connect me firstly. I only ship to confirmed address by paypal.

    • I will send another email about payment in details.

    • For those with 0 feedback or glass, I reserve the right to cancel your bidding except that you connect me firstly.

    • For those no payment guys, I will  perform no payment program. 3 times will make you disappear from ebay.

    All sales are final. All items are brand new in original  box,  backed warranty from manufacturer, please rest assured and feel free to contact them in case you need.  

    Thank you for your bidding, happy every day:)





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    Dell PowerEdge 1650 Server
    PIII 1.26GHz / 2 X 146GB SCSI HDs / 1GB ECC
    BRAND NEW Never Used w/ 3Yr Warranty

    This is a super value. Two 146GB Hard drives alone are priced over $1500 at pricewatch.com The same configuration costs over $2700+Tax at dell.com.

    Please note: the pictures are for reference only. Please read the descriptions for actual configuration of the system.

    Drive Bays

    Bays for three 1" hot-plug SCSI drives or two 1" non hot-plug IDE drives


    1.67" (4.24cm) H x 17.6" (44.70cm) W x 27.0" (68.58cm) D
    1U rack height
    Dell PowerEdge 2650 Server Features
    • Ideal for tackling the file/print and e-mail needs for small business with network infrastructures, static web content applications, and 11 to 20 employees.
    • Ultra-thin (1.70") 1U form-factor with single or dual Intel PentiumIII processors up to 1.4GHz is ideal for scalable performance.
    • Enormous storage capacity with up to 438GB3 internal storage capacity and up to 4GB of 133MHz ECC SDRAM.
    • Supports up to two 64-bit/66MHz PCI slots on separate PCI buses for uncompromising I/O throughput and dual embedded Gigabit NICs.
    • Standard hot-swap redundant cooling, with optional hot-swap power supplies and embedded RAID for high availability.

    Actual Configuration:

    • PowerEdge 1650: PIII 1.26GHz w/512K Cache
    • Additional Processors: Single Processor
    • Memory: 1GB (1024MB) SDRAM,133MHz, ECC, registered (Upgrade to 2GB for only $220)
    • First Hard Drive: 146GB 10K RPM Ultra 320 SCSI Drive
    • Second Hard Drive: 146GB 10K RPM Ultra 320 SCSI Drive (pulled from an identical dell system)
    • Hard Drive Backplane: 3 Bay (1x3) Hot Plug SCSI Hard Drive Backplane
    • Hard Drive Configuration: On-Board SCSI,Drives 1-3 connected to on-board SCSI
    • Monitor: Add a Brand new Dell UltraSharp 1800FP Flat Panel Monitor for only $470 shipped
    • PCI Riser: PCI Riser,2x64bit/66MHz slots
    • Power Source: AC Power Option for Dell PowerEdge 1650
    • Diskette Drive: 1.44MB Diskette Drive
    • Keyboard: Standard Windows Keyboard,Gray
    • Mouse: Logitec System Mouse,Gray
    • First Network Adapter: Dual On-Board NICs
    • CD ROM: 24X IDE Internal CD ROM Drive
    • Bezel: Active Bezel Option for Dell PowerEdge 1650
    • Documentation: Users Manual,Installation and Trouble Shooting Guide on CD
    • Chassis Configuration: No Rails
    • Operating System: No Factory Installed Operating System
    • Installation Support Services: No Installation
    • Cluster Status: No Cluster Info
    • Hardware Support Services: 3Yr Next Business Day Onsite Support

    Item Condition:

    • Excellent
    • Refurbished



     3 Yr On-Site (Next Business Day) Support.  

    Warranty FAQ:

    1.  Is the warranty still valid?
      This is a brand new computer. The warranty won't end until Mar. 2006.

    2. How to transfer the warranty to you?
      To transfer the warranty to your name is as easy as filling out an online form at dell website.
      Note: Service Tag Number is a unique five- to seven-digit alphanumeric code and Order/Invoice Number is a unique 9-digit code. They can be located on a white bar-coded label affixed to the  factory packing carton in which the system comes.

    3.  Is the transfer legal for eBay purchase?
      Yes. Click here to find out more.

    4. Is the warranty upgradable?  

      Yes. After you complete the ownership transfer, you are just a phone call away from upgrading your new dell's warranty. Click here to find out more.


    • Buy with confidence. Feel free to check out my 100% positive feedback. I've sold dozens of dell systems. Please read the testimonies from my satisfied customers!
    • Contact is expected to be established within 3 days of auction end. Otherwise, the auction will be void and I will follow through on filing NPBA and posting negative feedback.
    • Payment must be received within 7 days of auction end. Otherwise auction will be void.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee. The item(s) can be returned within 3 days of receipt if not satisfied. Unauthorized returns will be rejected. Shipping and Handling fee is not refundable. AND all returns are subject to 20% restocking fee.
    • Since I can't issue 100% refund, I would strongly encourage you to contact the warranty provider, usually the manufacturer, in the unlikely situation of defective product. AND I will assist you if needed.
    • Will ship to a physical address only, NO P.O.Box. NO pick-up or COD request.
    • Serious bidders only. Negative feedback to irresponsible bidders.
    • I always post good feedback AFTER I make sure that my customer is satisfied.


    • Buyer in the lower 48 states to pay $70 for UPS ground, other options available at additional cost. All insured to retail value w/ tracking number.
    • Buyer from all other locations please contact me for shipping cost inquiry.
    • USA ONLY



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