Service Level Agreement for Data Conversion

Introduction and Purpose

Our goal is to satisfy you with the best possible database conversion.  We seek to do it quickly, in the First Round or Phase.  We are inspired by the challenge of converting more and more of the data, faster.  We see this as a team effort between you and us.

We convert the data as it is in the source database.  Data "clean-up" is an extra operation.  For example, if there are misspellings or duplicates in the source data, the conversion process will convert those as they appear.

Management of Expectations

When undertaking a data conversion project, there may be data that has no equivalent in the destination software the customer is choosing to convert to.  Some details may be "lost in the translation" as with human languages.  Most of the data translations we do are from one contact management (name, address, and calendar) program to another.  Some systems have more features than others    Time should be allocated for contingencies, in case the processing takes longer, or there is the need for custom programming. 

Services to be Delivered

For some of the more complex conversions, C I Corporation is the only company in the world attempting them, such as Maximizer to Microsoft Outlook or ACT!  So the outcome is by nature uncertain.  If it was an easy process, the software manufacturer would include a utility to convert from competing software.  We often handle the conversions that are not easy.  In working on computer data files, which may be corrupted or disorganized, there can be no absolute guarantees of the outcome. We always strive for the best possible conversion.

New Conversion Procedures

If this is a new conversion procedure, such as to a new software system, or special needs, please understand that development takes time. We recommend that you do the conversion in two steps.  We can use the current data for developing and testing.  Then, when the procedure is ready, we can convert your latest data for one half price.

Performance Evaluation

C I Corporation has developed a random record testing process to compare the "before" and "after" versions of the database.   The customer, who is most familiar with the data, should also compare the resulting data with the original.  We ask your assistance in this.

Problem Management

If there are still details that need adjusting, we may need to provide a Second Phase quote.  If it is our mistake, we will redo the conversion at no additional cost.  In rare cases, we may need to perform a Third conversion, or adjust the files made in the first two phases.  The customer should email or call us first, at 800-319-3190 if they notice anything wrong. 

Payment Agreement

Upon assurance of payment, CIC begins our best effort to convert as much of the data as possibleThe customer agrees that paying by credit card is a convenience, and will not stop or charge back the funds.  If necessary CIC is authorized to bill for collection time and is contractually free to pursue collection.  On our form, customers agree "to pay the quoted fee for the hours worked"  and "understand there are no refunds for the time C I Corporation works on the customer's behalf".  Note that we work on an hourly basis rather than a project basis. 

We bill for our time and give a price quote on a "not a penny more" basis.  But in return it is also a "not a penny less" basis.
Upon completion of the project, as state by the Client, CIC will delete all copies of the data from its system.

Duties and Responsibilities

Our duty: For the hours specified, usually 3-6, we will focus intently on converting as much of the data as possible. 
 If the client is dissatisfied after those hours, the client can choose whether to continue with us, or try another company.

Your duty: It is in the customer's interests to provide specifics for us to go by, to quickly correct problems.  We agree to try to fix any specifics the client lets us know of, depending on the project.  Customer agrees to pay promptly for the hours agreed.  Customer agrees to pick up the finished database within one week so we may make room for other customers.


It may be unrealistic to expect a company to continue refining your database until every little detail is converted for the original estimated hours.  There is always something that needs improvement.  As long as you are willing to be reasonable, pay for our time, and cooperate in the goal of getting the best database as a result, we look forward to working with you on making your database more useful to you.

This Agreement is referred to on the Credit Card Authorization Form.